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What is enclosed car transport?

If you own a car, whether it’s a classic, luxury, or exotic one, you know how precious it is to you. That’s why when it comes to transporting your vehicle, you want to ensure it’s done safely and securely. One of the best ways to achieve that is by opting for enclosed car transport. In this article, we’ll dive into what enclosed vehicle transport is, its advantages and disadvantages, and everything else you need to know.

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What is Enclosed Car Transport?

Enclosed auto transport is a type of vehicle transportation that involves transporting your car in an enclosed trailer. Unlike open car transport, where the car is exposed to the elements, enclosed transport keeps your car protected from debris, weather, and other potential hazards.

Enclosed vehicle transport is a popular choice for those who own expensive or delicate vehicles. Classic car collectors, luxury car owners, and people who have high-end sports cars often choose this method of transportation to keep their vehicles safe during transit.

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Advantages of Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed Car Transport Offers Increased Protection

The most significant advantage of enclosed car shipping is the increased protection it provides for your vehicle. The car is transported in a fully enclosed trailer, which shields it from road debris, dust, dirt, and weather elements. This is especially important for delicate, high-value, or rare vehicles that need extra care and attention.

It’s More Safe and Secure

Enclosed auto shipping offers an added layer of security since the trailer is fully enclosed, making it more difficult for thieves to access your vehicle. Furthermore, many enclosed car transport companies have advanced security measures in place, such as GPS tracking, surveillance cameras, and alarms.


Enclosed car transport often provides customization options, such as climate control and soft tie-downs, to ensure that your car is transported in the best possible condition. This is particularly important for vehicles that require special handling due to their size or weight.

Disadvantages of Enclosed Car Transport

Higher Cost

Enclosed car shipping typically costs more than open car transport due to the added level of protection and security. If you’re on a budget, this may not be the most cost-effective option.

Limited Availability

Enclosed auto transport may not be available in all areas, particularly in remote locations. This may make it difficult to find a reputable company that offers this service.

Longer Transit Times

Enclosed car transport may take longer than open car transport since the trailers are typically smaller and can only carry a limited number of vehicles. This means it may take longer to find a carrier with available space, which could result in longer transit times.

How to Choose an Enclosed Car Transport Company

When choosing a company to ship your car, there are several factors you should consider, including:

☆ Reputation

Choose a company with a good reputation and positive customer reviews. Look for reviews on independent websites and check their ratings with the Better Business Bureau. Flix Auto Transport, based in Austin, Texas is a reputable, reliable company for enclosed car transport.

📈 Experience

Choose a company with experience in enclosed auto transport. Ask how long they’ve been in business and how many cars they’ve transported in the past.

🛡 Insurance

Ensure that the company carries adequate insurance to cover any damage to your vehicle during transit.

$ Cost

Compare quotes from different companies and choose one that offers a fair price for the service.

☎ Customer Service

Choose a company with good customer service. They should be able to answer any questions you have and provide updates on the status of your vehicle during transit.


Enclosed auto transport is a safe and secure way to transport your vehicle, especially if it’s a high-value, rare, or delicate car. While it may cost more than open car transport and take longer, the added protection and security are worth the investment. When choosing an enclosed car transport company, make sure to consider their reputation, experience, insurance coverage, cost, and customer service. By doing so, you can ensure that your vehicle is in good hands and arrives at its destination in the same condition as when it was loaded onto the trailer.

In summary, enclosed car shipping is a popular choice for those who want to ensure their vehicle is protected during transit. While it may come with a higher price tag, the added level of security, customization, and protection make it a worthwhile investment for many car owners. When choosing an enclosed vehicle transport company, make sure to do your research and consider all the factors mentioned above to find the best company for your needs.

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