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Flix Auto Transport LLC Privacy Policy

Welcome! Flix Auto Transport LLC (“Flix”) knows that privacy is very important. So as to offer you (the person inquiring about our services about accessing our site) the most effective service and precise pricing, Flix collects information about you, and we may have to share that information with necessary parties. The subsequent privacy policy explains exactly what kind of information we collect, why we collect it, and who we share it with, similarly as how we keep it protected. While using our website and its content, you’re agreeing to and accepting the most recent version of this Policy. If you desire to learn and understand more about the operations of our website, certain links on our website, and specific services, see our Terms & Conditions.


This website and its content aren’t intended for those under 18 years old. You are only able to use services given a parent or legal guardian’s permission. Children of 13 years old and younger MUST NOT submit personal information or use our services for any reason. This website is not intended for youngsters under the age of 13.



Types of Data We Collect

Your Personal Information

Your personal information is what identifies you as an individual, like your name, telephone number, home or work addresses, etc. We require these things when quoting and/or booking your order.

Your Use of Our Site

We track an algorithm of data about you, basing the algorithm off of your use of our website. Your demography, diversion, and behaviors are used to better acknowledge and supply our potential customers with more detailed and specified information. With this, the information is examined and gathered on a gross basis. For example, the webpage you were previously on, the webpage you move to next, your specific browser, IP address, and others.

Your Reviews and Posts

If you opt to disclose your information on our website, we may collect your information if you place a review on our website or any of our review sites, like Google.

Your Correspondence

By sending us text messages, emails, or other varieties of personal communication, or if third parties send us information regarding a post from you, we may use that information in a special file for you.

Log Information

We will also assemble a set of log data while you use our website. Lion’s share of this includes the following:

Your present IP address

Links and pages you visit before and after visiting our website.

Precise times you’ve viewed specific pages

Whichever pages on our website you viewed

Specific data on how you have used our site

Cookies and other details that identify your device and/or browser

Device information, like your choice of web browser type and language


Created by a server, Cookies are sections of information collected onto your device to assist websites identify you when you have visited a web site for the initial time. The Cookies remember things about you when you go again onto the said webpages (i.e., pages you have visited earlier, your passwords, emails, etc.). Flix uses Cookies on our website. Your Cookies aren’t stored on our website but are stored onto the hard drive of your device. Cookies are as well helpful for us by remembering specific data about you, which targets your interests. You’re able to decline the utilization of Cookies, though some website use could also be limited, and most Cookies are deleted automatically at the end of use.



How We Use Cookies

Flix uses Cookies for keeping your accounts, data, and information private. We also use them to check which features are most prominent and the number of users who visit specific pages, and as well to help us to provide an overall satisfying experience for users.

There are specific categories for every Cookie we use:


These Cookies remember the settings you have saved on your last visit to the webpage (for example, passwords, color settings, language preference, etc.).


These Cookies put a stop to security risk and take action to avert security risk.


These Cookies provide us with information exactly which pages you have reacted with, duration, etc.


These Cookies are used to assist us with improving our services and to better understand our users. This is the way how we get to know what on our website is successful and what could use some adaptations.


These Cookies are used to share ads relatable to the user based on what websites and/or links they have clicked on previously. They also allow us to understand how well our advertising campaigns are doing (on our own web and others included).

Your Choices / Browser Cookies

Most of the time (depending on your device and/or browser), you might have the choice to limit or block your Cookies. Cookies are helpful after you leave a specific webpage and return to it later. Cookies are a main key in how we use our services; blocking or limiting them may affect the accessibility and roles of our services. For more details on the way to block/limit your use of Cookies, check and follow the instructions given to you by your browser/device.



What We Do With Your Information


To Provide Services To You

Flix uses your information to supply you with our services to the most effective of our ability for normal operations; none of your data is released to others or sold by Flix for any reason under any circumstance. If you do not provide us with the information we require, we won’t be able to provide you with any services.

Administrative Notices / Consent

We will use your personal information (phone numbers and email addresses) to contact you regarding organizational and departmental changes, promotions, and messages associated with your use of our website (for example, getting a quote from our website). If you don’t desire to receive any of those notifications, you may reach out to us either by phone, text message or email and inform us of such desire. After you submit your phone number into our system, you’re then accepting our Privacy Policy, and you’re giving us permission to call you and/or send text messages suitable to your use of our website. Your authorization isn’t a confirmation of any variety of purchase. Message and data rates may apply.

Dispute Resolution

In order to settle discourse, correct issues, and enforce our Terms & Conditions, we shall use the information about you in your file also as other data we gather from your use on our website.

Our Disclosure to 3rd Parties

We know that privacy is important; to keep you safe, we utilize actions that are logical and reliable. We don’t in any way sell or make known any personal information about you. Examples of ways your personal information may be shared:

Our company is vulnerable to the examining process and implementation of the US Federal Trade Commission.


In the event of a legal matter, we must reveal any and every one information to public authority, national security, and law enforcement.


You may give us authorization on when to share your information, otherwise you may opt in/out of further disclosure

Your personal identification information doesn’t get shared to any third parties unless we’ve approval by you to do so. By placing an order
If you would like to alter, update, or remove your personal data, you may do so by visiting the “Contact” page on our website and reaching out to us

At the time of dispatch, we must reveal your personal information (telephone number, addresses, names, etc.) to 3rd parties (carriers). You’ll be notified of this at the time when your data is collected also as before we release the data.

Law Enforcement

In the event of a legal matter that could hold us liable, (fraud, informal copyright, etc.), we shall reveal any personal information about you as we feel needed or relevant.


For marketing purposes, we may share information about our users to our advertisers, though none of this information is your personal information and cannot be sold or solicited.

No Spam

Flix does not approve of spam. If you do not want Flix to email, text, or call you, you do have the choice to opt-out of any further communication. You shall not add a Flix agent to any of your communications without consent. Please don’t mark any Flix communication as spam, as we are always more than happy to please your desires and prevent any future communication. You may reach out to us and just let us know.

Disclosures You Make to Third Parties

Flix isn’t in command and as such can’t be held accountable for the Privacy Policies of 3rd parties or other sites linked to our website. Please carefully read the specific Privacy Policy for each page you visit. Flix includes other relevant links in our website only to assist our users; these links aren’t Flix’s responsibility.

How We Protect Your Personal Information

With all types of personal data, Flix shall take extra preventive measures to safeguard it in any way. Flix cannot guarantee complete protection and can’t be held responsible or liable for any personal information revelations, especially any error in transmission of data, hackers, or errors due to no Flix’s fault. As an example, any 3rd parties could illegally access your data through our website.



What You Can Do About Your Personal Information


Your Rights

You do have specific rights regarding your personal data and information. These rights are subject to local data protection laws. As in depended on the relevant and suitable laws, they may include the following:

If you’re a minor or reside within the state of California who have given us personal information (or any information you’ve got posted on our website), you are free to reach out to us to have your information deleted. This doesn’t guarantee complete removal, as your postings might have been posted on another website not by Flix. You’re authorized to request a listing of what personal data we’ve collected about you (unless not legally allowed; written request only).

Access your personal data and information by us.

Correct (if not already) and assure all of your data is complete.

Regulate our use of your personal data (to the extent of laws allowing); to send your personal data to a different party.

Remove your personal information (to the degree approved by data protection laws).

The right to object to be a part of an automatized decision-making system (online chat bot).

The right to object to the processing of your personal information.

You are in position to withdraw your consent to share your data at any time, without affecting previous lawfulness.

Any and every one of questions, comments, concerns, and requests can be sent to info@flixautotransport.com

Governing Law

This Privacy Policy shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas without relation to its conflict of laws principles.

Your acceptance of these terms

By using this Site, you signify your acceptance of this policy and terms of service. If you do not conform to this policy, please don’t use our Site. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of changes to this policy shall be deemed as your consent to those changes.

Contacting us

If you have got any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, please contact us at:

Flix Auto Transport LLC
8004 Two Coves Drive,
Austin, Texas 78730
(512) 583-6611


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